Orenity.com is a collective of thoughts that explores daily life in many forms – from photography and videography, to gadgets, technology and design.


A Brief History

At Orenity.com, we love technology, we love gadgets, we love science, we love all kind of toys big and small. We love beautiful and smart design, we love architecture that you dream of living and working in, aircraft that fly at three times the speed of sound, spaceships that reach every corner of the solar system, sleek vessels that sail across Earth's oceans, culture, science-fiction, and all things weird and wonderful that people would love.. 

And we love to write about all those things.

In a nutshell, Orenity aims to write about:

1) News and events coverage

2) Interesting topics of discussions covering a variety of subjects

3) Product Reviews

4) Software, Hardware, e-Payment, e-Commerce and Web Solutions

5) Capturing the moment a.k.a Photography and Videography

6) and etc.